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Reiki Fundamentals

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Rei-Ki (or Universal-Energy) is the life force that effortlessly connects us with everything around us. This FREE online program provides all the fundamentals and meditations you need to become a Practitioner.  


Session 1: Must complete Quiz to take Session 2

12 attachments • 1 hrs

R0 watch this first

R1 understanding energy and energy healing

R2 role of chakras in healing

R3 dr mikao usui story

R4 turning point, energy exchange

R5 meditation fundamentals

R6 vibratory scale of consciousness

R7 five secular principles

R8 reiki levels and session 2 brief

Important note

R9 chakra meditation practice

R10 chakra and color healing factors

Quiz on Reiki Fundamentals

3 attachments • 25.04 mins

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