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Inner Power Intensive

6 modules


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<p>5000-year-old wisdom for wellness</p>


Gives you energy that keeps you immune and feeling powerful. With a 30-day intensive you will tap into an abundance mindset and be notably healthier, happier, and productive day-to-day.


An introduction: DAY 1

3 attachments • 15.18 mins

What is Qigong?

How does Qi flow and interact?

From a film you will relate with

Qi and You: DAYS 2,3,4

5 attachments • 34.53 mins

Qi and the 3A's of Productivity

Attitude for Blissful Living; Subtle-energy Shake

Alignment with People; Practice of Mindfulness

Approach to the World; Magnetizing Meditations

Qigong's impact on Health

The Qigong Habit: DAYS 5,6,7

6 attachments • 38.73 mins

The Power of RME

The Power of Visualization

Daily Practice Initiation

The Daily Practice

Qigong Exercises PDF

4 pages

Practice Review Session on Zoom


5 attachments • 13.56 mins

Handling mental stress

Neck pains

Aches and the 2 'I's of Energy

Qigong walk tutorial

Qigong Walk + Bonus PDF

1 page


8 attachments • 7.18 mins

What is Personal Energy?

Does Universal Energy really exist?

Does Energy Work reduce Stress?

How can we Feel Energy?

How is Mindfulness related with Energy?

Qigong, Taichi, Reiki... which for what?

What differentiates Qigong and Yoga?

An example of Energy Healing?


1 attachment • 7.05 mins

In closing - make community impact

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