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Inner Power Blueprint

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<p>The path to be stress-free forever</p>


With this program in 3 short days you will emerge lighter, more peaceful, and totally energized. And with 30-days of homework, you will cement the concepts for life, making stress and struggle a thing of the past. 


Day 1 Videos

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Why are we stressed

The secret weapon that changes everything

Understand the new vocabulary of stress

How to make your first breakthrough

Isolate your stress cause at an energetic level

Day 2 Videos

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How energy heals stress and all disease

How to use your mind to feel energy

Will energy work for you

Getting energy to work

A deep dive into meditation

Day 3 Videos

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How to meditate smartly even when busy

Meditating in movement

How to move vibrations to move out stress

The final assault on stress

Discover your pure Inner Power

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